The Belgium more and more close to the ” black-out “

Trains to a standstill, industries at idle, evenings at the candle : the prospect of a “shedding” of the belgian grid in November because of a probable shortage which would force them to disconnect the country area by area during several hours is no longer excluded.

Outlandish in appearance, referred to unnecessarily in 2014, the scenario has, this time, taken from the consistency from Elia, the company’s manager of the high voltage network, published, Wednesday, September 26, a press release very unusual. “Elia does not see sufficient solutions that could solve the problem completely. (…) Even if the belgian market and international, we provide all of the available capacity, we cannot today exclude to activate the plan of load shedding “, stated this text.

It concluded a day of wacky, punctuated by a parliamentary debate convened in emergency and various media appearances of Marie-Christine Marghem, belgian minister of energy. It is intended to be reassuring ; she only raise the questions, to the point that columnists calling for his resignation on Thursday.

With its seven nuclear reactors operated by Electrabel, a subsidiary of Engie, the kingdom seemed to be equipped to avoid any shortage. Problem : of the 20 October to the end of November, six of them will be off. Doel 1 and 2, in Flanders, are experiencing plumbing problems. Abnormalities on the concrete of the tanks, a problem discussed for a long time and often understated – must be examined in Doel 4 and Tihange 2 and 3, in Wallonia. As for Tihange 1, it must be the subject of a maintenance operation. Only Doel 3 will therefore be able to continue producing electricity…

Contacts ” fruitful ”

In total, the Belgium should therefore find, in one way or another, nearly 5,000 megawatts (MW) on some days of November, especially if a cold snap occurs. For the rest of the winter, there would be a shortfall of 1,700 MW, as the country…

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