The autoentrepreneurs bust through the ceiling, but beware of traps !

Created in 2009 to enable everyone, students, active and retired, to engage in entrepreneurship, the tax system of the autoentrepreneur has sparked a craze to develop small activities that generate additional income.

According to Insee, nearly 2 million of assets are passed by this regime since its inception, and 42% of French people have used the service of an autoentrepreneur. Only, if he were to allow everybody to put himself in his account a virtual snap of the fingers, and that no charge was due as there was no turnover, the volume of activity was capped : no more than 33 200 euros of annual turnover for service activities, and not more than 82 800 euros for the sale of goods.

To allow him to develop, and containing a promise of the candidate Macron, the government has announced that as of January 1, 2018, the maximum activity of the micro-enterprise would be increased to 70 000 euros in services and eur 170 000 in the sale of goods, or a doubling of the original ceilings.

Apparent simplicity

New ceilings and, in theory, would allow craftsmen, real estate agents, and consultants of all kinds to adopt this new regime that the simplicity made it very attractive. And seeing it bloom a new generation of autoentrepreneurs in all sectors of activity, at the risk of putting them in competition with the other companies, which, however, have an advantage of size : the deduction of their expenses and the amortization of the equipment.

“One can imagine that hordes of executives decide to set up their account, and are no longer working” in “a company, but” for ” companies “, says the philosopher Gaspard Koenig, of the think tank liberal GénérationLibre. Which would conclude to blur the border…

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