The artificial intelligence redistributes the cards of the business trip

Twenty years ago, the widespread use of Internet in businesses and homes in france upset the ecosystem of the tourism sector, the business trip included. Today, all the industry players are bracing for a new blast : the artificial intelligence (AI). By allowing to process a massive number of complex data and spread (travel policy of the company, booking of transport, hotels, etc), the artificial intelligence is the opportunity to offer business clients services that are more targeted. This technology also allows to automate some of the tasks carried out by agents, a source of potential savings.

For service providers, it is not to miss the boat. “The travel agencies are banking on this technology to better manage the data and meet the requirements of automation, reporting [data communication] and reduce costs,” observes Michel Dieleman, president of the French Association of travel managers (AFTM).

Improved search engine

When asked about the artificial intelligence, the providers have only one word to mouth : customization. “A hotel search may result in multiple pages of results,” says Christopher Fox, director of CWT Solutions Group. The artificial intelligence allows you to better sort them, with algorithms that can take into account certain options, such as, for example, recommendations of colleagues. “

But this technology does not only offer the business traveler of the results more appropriate. In CWT, the use of artificial intelligence is also oriented to the predictive : in collaboration with a start-up in Yalta, she has launched a tool that tracks the evolution of prices of flights and hotels to predict their evolution. On the side of the Havas Voyages, the agency uses the IA to develop tailor-made : “We…

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