“The applications blockchain will compete with all the digital services in the years to come “

Forum. You can read here and there that the Internet giants are the first monopolies indestructible in the story. This would be due to the detention of large quantities of data that would give them a competitive advantage irretrievable.

But a new economic model is being developed in parallel, that of the blockchain (in French, ” chain of blocks “). It will compete soon Gafam (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon or Microsoft), and their chinese equivalents. A new perspective is opened as well and the debate around the economic power of companies in the digital sector needs to be redesigned.

Snowball effect

We know, from the research work of Clayton Christensen (Harvard), that disruptive innovations are the result of small businesses, they emerge quietly and that they supersede the existing markets rather than compete. What we did not know maybe not, until recently, it is that disruptive innovations can be the result of communities decentralized.

This is exactly what the blockchain : a technology that allows a perfect distribution of the power, because of its mode of governance. And this characteristic makes it a candidate that is particularly important to the next generation of the digital age, because it is much more difficult to prevent the competition from a set of decentralized as a defined entity.

In addition, the ability of propagation of the blockchain is extremely high – this was in particular illustrated the best known application, the Bitcoin. This is due to the fact that most of the blockchains create strong incentives to the adoption by handing out “tokens” (tokens) whose value can change very quickly. This allows blockchains to create a true network effect, a snowball effect, even though their usefulness is still low.

The power of market…

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