The ambitions of Lufthansa contained by the Brussels Commission

In the absence of to triumph, Carsten Spohr will be able to at least go on a vacation alone. The CEO of Lufthansa has won, Thursday December 21, downstream from Brussels to a small part of its recovery plan of the remains of the airline Air Berlin, which went bankrupt this summer. The multiple concessions granted by the German giant of the air transport have led to an agreement. The Commission had reserved the right to postpone its decision for ninety days on a case where a thorough review of the situation was necessary.

The agreement reached is far from the project of which dreamed the boss of Lufthansa. The German giant was considering acquiring the 81 aircraft of Air Berlin, the lion’s share of 140 aircraft of the bankrupt company. Instead, Lufthansa does not win eventually, that the small regional airline LGW, which counts thirty aircraft, as well as some devices that were owned by Air Berlin.

“Quasi-monopoly ”

And the price to pay was high : the group has had to yield to the competition of valuable niche to take-off and landing at the airport of Düsseldorf, as well as to renounce to get hands-on with the company austrian tourism Niki, the only real pearl of Air Berlin.

“This way, our concerns about competition are taken into consideration. This allows us to authorize the transaction in the framework of the european regulations of merger control “, said commissioner for competition Margrethe Vestager on Thursday in Brussels.

A setback for Carsten Spohr, CEO of Lufthansa, which had racked up victories in recent months. His tenacity came to the end of a three and a half years of strikes of drivers.

For several weeks, Ms. Vestager had expressed his misgivings about the ambitions of Lufthansa on the remains of Air Berlin, which ensured to him, on some routes, a situation of ” quasi-monopoly “. Considerations widely…

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