That becomes his salary savings when you leave his company ?

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The salary savings is based on the principle of the right acquired : the amounts accumulated on the different devices in place within the company, as the savings plan company (EPE) or the savings plan collective retirement (Perco), belong to the employee. But how to invoke it when you leave one employer ? How to collect his savings, or use it for a business creation ?

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The rewards of participation and profit-sharing plans are based on the results of the previous year : the company must pay, even in the case of departure of the employee. The amount will depend on the allocation formula in force. For example, if this distribution is uniform, the employee will receive the same amount as his colleagues in respect of the financial year in which it is a party. The amounts present on a PEE or a Perco are transferable, provided that the new employer offers the same type of plan. On the other hand, it is neither mandatory nor automatic. Each employee can, therefore, gather his savings on the latest plan of which he is a member. He has to decide if the new device is attractive enough to do so.

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