“Textile production in the countries of the South is one of the scandals of our time “

Forum. The chronic signed Heshika Deegahawathura published in the book “Eco & company” in the World, dated 12 July (” the garment Industry : bold steps are necessary in the countries of the South “) called of course, technical notes, but mainly express a position, to say the least controversial or even deeply offensive about the development of the economy of the countries of the South.

Mr. Deegahawathura follows a trend, very fashionable today, when he foretold, for the textile, a revolution in quick and radical due to the combination of the artificial intelligence (AI), big data, social networks and platforms of the giants of e-commerce.

The analysis, such as observation of practical difficulties, shows that this revolution will probably not as quickly as some might think, nor as it was announced. The AI will not be a true reflection capacity, before a couple of years, the collection of the data or the action of the GAFA [Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon] are going to face increasing resistance.

Moreover, these famous revolutions will concern first of all the layer easy to the populations of various countries and I do not see that the African or the Indian way, which, nevertheless, must dress, “will” quickly. Another illusion is also found in the proposed solutions : no, the entire population is not going to work in the cutting-edge technologies and the production or maintenance of robots…

Transgenic cotton and cancer

More serious is the economic analysis that underlies the reasoning : the loss of employment for the countries of the South who will not be able to take advantage of the advantage represented by a labor low-skilled to very low salaries. It would be better to say that it is a chance, if it was true, because the textile production in these countries is one of the scandals of the time, and it begins to…

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