Tesla reassured him about his production despite the escapades of Elon Musk

The american manufacturer of electric cars Tesla, a regular in the polemics around his media boss, Elon Musk, has reassured Wednesday, August 1st, on the production after many delays and confirmed the aim to a profit by the end of the year. The title jumped from 9,16 % to 328,70 dollars in electronic trading after the close of Wall Street, with investors seeming to enjoy also a slight improvement of cash flow.

“After reaching our goal of 5 000 [Model 3] per week, we are going to increase [the rate], with the goal of reaching 6 000 Model 3 per week by the end of August,” said the group. The goal is then to further increase the rate to reach 10 000 vehicles per week “as soon as possible,” says Tesla, who says he has solved most of the problems that had resulted in production delays and therefore long waiting times for customers.

Enter the middle segment of the range

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