Tesla is close to a deal to build its first factory in China

China, new land of promise of the electric car ? In any case, Elon Musk, in the light of the tripling of sales of its trademark Tesla in the middle kingdom last year – it has passed the milestone of one billion dollars or 896 million euros – a what inspires. And consider a bridgehead on the other side of the Pacific. In this case, reports Bloomberg, citing sources close to the matter, Tesla would be close to entering into an agreement to build its first factory in China, which will provide him with better access to the first global automotive market.

An agreement with the city of Shanghai, which will enable the american manufacturer of electric cars to build a factory in the area of Lingang, could intervene this week, the agency says. To implement the transaction, Tesla would have to create a joint venture with at least one local partner, according to the chinese regulations in force. Person from Tesla was not immediately available for comment on this information.

In march, Tencent had already bet big on the california

An important first step in this direction had been taken in march 2017, with the participation of “passive” 5% of the capital of Tesla taken by the tech giant chinese Tencent Holdings. Amount invested: $ 1.8 billion.

After the dissemination of this information on the Tesla factory in China, the title of the manufacturer has won up to 2% to 377,15 dollars on Monday 19 June in the evening in the exchanges after the Exchange in New York.

Air Pollution : air Pollution Beijing, going to be the method of coercive

Beijing, in its fight against the air pollution, it now intends to force the hand to the builders: a project published in the September sketch a quota of “clean cars” that would be required starting in 2018.

It would be a complex system where each vehicle sold would be a certain number of credits, more generous for electric cars. With the obligation for a manufacturer to accumulate 8% of appropriations “green vehicles” on the total of his sales.

What panic some: Volkswagen has sold 4 million units in China in 2016, with only a few hundreds of clean vehicles. To catch up, the German will begin the next year production in China electric car joint venture with chinese JAC.

(With AFP)

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