Tesla : Elon Musk, a pattern to the drift

Weakened by his about-face on its proposed withdrawal of the rating of Tesla, Elon Musk should spend the hand ? Once unthinkable, the assumption is now being openly referred to by some investors and analysts, worried by the recent behavior of the boss of the american manufacturer of electric cars. Tuesday, 28 August, it has fueled their fears. On the social network Twitter, he reiterated his attacks against the one of the rescuers of the young footballers thai trapped in July in a cave, that he had called a pedophile.

“The behavior of Mr. Musk, his style, managerial skills and operational are sufficient to enable Tesla to cross the next level ? “, asked Jeffrey Osborne, an analyst at Cowen. The latest developments “illustrate perfectly why even beautiful companies require a different direction,” says Jed Dorsheimer, Canaccord. Tesla needs a direction, more strong and experienced to minimize the subjects of distraction “.

Significant support from among the directors

In recent weeks, several members of the board of directors have expressed their frustration, regretting not to have been informed of the proposed withdrawal of the Grant. The replacement of Mr Musk, however, is not news. The entrepreneur, who joined Tesla a few months after its creation, in 2003, before taking over the reins five years later, still owns 20% of the capital. In addition, he has significant support among the directors of the manufacturer.

“Nonetheless, investors are they going to continue supporting a general manager potentially involved in manipulation ? “wondered Mr. Osborne. According to the american press, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the “gendarme” american stock, investigation on the Tweet from Mr. Musk…

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