Tax digital : the concerns of Paris in front of the reluctance of some countries

The French are nervous. The ambitious programme of reforms of the euro area driven by Emmanuel Macron (a super-minister of finance, a substantial budget, a Parliament-specific) risk of giving birth to a mouse, due to the reluctance of German. This is particularly the case on the creation of a tax digital intended to put an end to the short-term ” to the excesses of the more shocking “, according to the words of the French president on the 17th of April before the european Parliament. This is why paris-Bercy has mobilized to do to quickly succeed in the tax on the turnover of the giants of the Web.

The French president, who has placed the recast of the european Union (EU) at the heart of its program, is in need of a win tangible in Brussels to discuss the election of the crucial european elections in may 2019. However, the “charge to digital” is popular, most likely to bring to the citizens as a fiscal capacity for the euro area, for example. After the scandal Cambridge Analytica, which has revealed the siphoning of personal data of millions of users of Facebook by the british firm, trust in social networks will erode and the multinationals in the digital showed that they were champions of tax avoidance.

Carefully prepared by teams of Bercy, the meeting of the finance ministers of the euro area to be attended by Bruno Le Maire, Saturday, April 28 in Sofia, Bulgaria, had to be the opportunity to get a maximum of support for this tax is of a kind totally new, applying to incomes, and that is the reverse of the tradition’s business tax based on the taxation of the profit.

In this context, the reservations expressed by several countries such as Malta, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark and Finland have generated the “anger” of the French minister, according to european sources cited by the AFP.

“The fact of taxing rather the production that profits the discomfort ”

The agenda…

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