Suspected north Korean hackers have stolen sensitive military information.

Suspected north Korean hackers have stolen sensitive military information, including a joint plan from the united states and south Korea on how to eliminate the north Korean leadership in the event of war.

It reports the Wall Street Journal.

Hacking, took place in south Korea’s defense systems during the last year, said representatives of the u.s. armed forces and the south Korean members of parliament.

The stolen documents include what are known as the Operation Plan 5015, such as the USA and south Korea drew up in 2015 in the event of war with north Korea. In this, there are detailed plans to be able to eliminate, among other things, north Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

Reuters is reporting that the two u.s. bombers flew over the Korean peninsula in a show of force on Tuesday. It took place at the same time as Donald Trump met with the high representatives of the defence to discuss how they should respond to threats from north Korea.

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