Surplus for the state in may

The central government payments resulted in a surplus of 36.5 billion in may. The Swedish national debt office’s forecast was a surplus of eur 34,0 billion. The difference is explained mainly by higher incomes. It was offset slightly by the higher net lending to agencies.

The tax income was approximately sek 4 billion higher than forecast, primarily due to the higher momsinkomster. Even the state’s other revenue was slightly higher than forecast. It was that the Riksbank’s transfer of the surplus of 2.5 billion, carried out in may, but low in the forecast for april.

The national debt office’s net lending to authorities m.fl. was 5.6 billion higher than calculated. It was mostly due to the månadsförskjutningar. The year contributions by resolutionsavgift low in the forecast for may, but will be paid only in June.

The interest payments on the national debt was 0.8 billion lower than calculated.

For the twelve month period to may 2017 showed the state’s payments, a surplus of 47.2 billion.

The public debt amounted to 1 307 billion at the end of may.

The outcome for June will be published on 7 July, there at 09.30.


Håkan Carlsson, analyst, 08 613 47 33

Robert Sennerdal, press secretary, 08 613 46 94

Statistics on nettolånebehovet, government borrowing and the national debt:

The monthly outcome of central government nettolånebehov included in Sweden’s official statistics.

Sweden’s national debt may 2017

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