STX : State “wants a private shareholder”, ensures The Mayor

Bruno The Mayor has prepared the ground for his visit to Rome. The minister of the Economy has an appointment this Tuesday at 17: 30 with his Italian counterpart, Pier Carlo Padoan, the minister of economic Development, Carlo Calenda, to speak about the issue STX France. In an interview in the daily Corriere della sera, published on Tuesday, the host of Bercy stated that it is made in Italy “with a state of mind very constructive” and he has called for “an exit from the top”, after the French government’s decision to nationalise temporarily the Building of the Atlantic :

“The shipyards of Saint-Nazaire (STX) should not be directed by the French State. We want a private shareholder, and Fincantieri is today the best industrial group to join this grand project of franco-Italian and european,” assured Bruno Le Maire.

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The risk of technology transfer to China

The minister reiterated that if the negotiations did not arrive, including the percentage of ownership of share capital of STX France by Fincantieri, the French State would be forced to consider other options, even if they do not wish to. Bruno Mayor stresses that the French State is proposing to “build a grand alliance of european industrial franco-Italian in the naval field. This project would have a civilian aspect, with the shipyards of the Atlantic, and a military aspect led by the minister, on surface ships.” It was felt that there was now “not enough guarantees” on the maintenance of employment and on the risk of technology transfer in China.

The action Fincantieri wins 1.7% in early trading Tuesday on the Milan stock Exchange.

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