Study Investment Trends on the CFD trading in Germany

Study Investment Trends on the CFD trading in Germany

The study conducted in march of 2017, shows that the number of traders CFDS assets in Germany continues to increase despite an overall fall in the volatility of the stock markets. 53 000 traders CFD have placed at least one trade, or about 6% more than last year, while the segment of Forex products has slightly decreased by 2 %, the global market CFD / FX grew by 60 000 people in may 2016 to 62 000 by march 2017.

Dr. Irene Guiamatsia, director of research at Investment Trends, said : “The market for trading OTC German has been maintained despite the challenge of a relatively low volatility. This result has also been achieved in spite of the impressive growth of the DAX from 21 % during the period, because in this context the products of traditional investment provide an attractive alternative. The continued strength in the equity markets could continue to stifle the growth of margin trading.”

The report indicates that more than a third of the 7000 respondents reported to have chosen a trading platform regulated, but without having a preference for platforms regulated locally. The number of traders who switch from one platform to the other also seems to be in decline, 13% of respondents changed their broker, up from 17% last year.

The regulator, German Bafin seeks to control and regulate the trading of CFDS with a series of measures that have the objective of limiting the access to CFD trading. For example, brokers are now required to provide protection against the negative balance.

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