Strike : SNCF: railway workers and government rights in their boots

Language pugilistique, it’s called show off his muscles. While the rail traffic is severely disrupted by a social movement of the workers, began on Tuesday 3 April and which continued on Wednesday, the executive hammered on all the tones that it is not a question for him to give up his reform of the SNCF, and even if the trade unions of the company have announced two days of strike action every five days until 28 June.

“We want to engage in an ambitious reform of the railway world (…). The status quo is not acceptable, ( … ), is not sustainable, ” assured the prime minister, Edouard Philippe, during the session of questions to the government at the national Assembly, on Tuesday afternoon, sparking the bronca of the members of the opposition. If the prime minister recognizes that “the mobilisation is strong” on the side of the workers, it ” will not change the determination of the government on the broad lines of the reform “, certifies an advisor to the prime minister.

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Even if he defends, the executive has chosen to play the public against the strikers. Questioned it also at the Meeting, Elizabeth Terminal, the minister in charge of transport, was repeated several times, index card stock in hand, ” thinks[r] first users, who have had a hard time this morning and that galéreront again tonight “. She also blasted a ” motion to strike the long and punishing “. “As 4 million French, you may be affected (…) by the strike, which disrupts strongly the SNCF and we will send you our full support if such is the case,” said the movement in The Republic in motion (LRM) in an e-mail to its members. “The trade unions play the opinion, with a strike beaded intended to put pressure on the government,” accuses the entourage of Edouard Philippe.

“The race of truth “

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