Strengthened the forint

Strengthened the forint is the main currency compared to the international interbank market on Thursday.

Night at seven o’clock in the euro 308,98 huf, the $ 270,59 forints to the swiss franc 281,16 forint, the japanese yen and 2,3878 huf, and revolved.

The previous day’s close relative to the euro 0,02 per cent, the dollar is a 0.61 percent, the frank 0,45 percent, the yen and of 0.64 percent weaker.

The euro exchange rate 308,47 and 309,66 huf between the middle of the day. The dollar is quoted at a 270,53 and 272,69 huf ranged. The swiss franc is the 281,06 and 282,54 huf between bands to trade. The japanese yen lowest price 2,3875 huf, the highest 2,4137 huf.

The euro 0,60 per cent, 1,1419 dollar strengthened. Daily minimum subscription of 1,1330, the highest and 1,1420 dollars. The swiss franc compared to 0,43 percent more expensive in the common european currency, 1,0990 frankon was spinning night.

A $ 0,9625 frank asked, 0,17 percent weakening of the american currency. The yen, compared to 0,03 percent strengthened the dollar, 113,31 with jen on rolling Thursday night.

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