Strengthened on Tuesday the forint

Strengthened on Tuesday the forint against key currencies in the interbank market and this year’s peak set in swiss francs and in dollars.

The euro in the early morning 308,17 huf the night after seven o’clock and 307,55 huf was recorded.

The dollar quotations of the early morning 270,37 from huf 268,81 to huf decreased night. During the day 268,49 huf, also was quoted on the dollar, which is the huf’s latest, this year’s price peak of the american currency against. A similar rate last year in may, was quoted on the dollars.

The swiss francs in the morning 279,83 huf, night 278,34 huf was quoted on the interbank foreign exchange market. The day reach 277,88 huf quotes for the forint this year’s strongest exchange rate of the swiss currency. A similar level in 2016 in October on last the exchange rate.

The euro strengthened, the dollar and the swiss franc weakened on Tuesday on the foreign exchange market. The euro is at seven tonight 0,35 percent were recorded stronger 1,1439 dollars. The major currencies basket against the calculated euro-index was 0.36 percent rise, the dollar index 0,14 percent.

On Tuesday the swiss franc exchange rate one-year lows pulled back against the euro. Night 1,1052 swiss frankon the euro. A similar rate last year in June was an example.

The swiss franc weakening analysis of the swiss central bank’s negative deposit interest rates is justified. The negative interest means that the depositor actually pay a bank for a “favor” to preserve swiss francs save money. However, it is also value keeping investment instrument is regarded as on the market the swiss franc, rising dollar interest rates and the ECB’s expected tightening of monetary policy by the negative swiss central bank’s interest merely financial market considerations probably cannot be long maintained. True, the frank weakening but positive for export-oriented swiss company’s profitability.

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