Spotify is going to penalize artists for behaviors deemed problematic

In the playlists of Spotify, more from R. Kelly or XXXTentacion. If the songs of the two artists remain available on the platform listening to music online, they are no longer highlighted in the selections – lists that are automatically generated according to the tastes of users, or created by theme. A decision related to the charges against the singers, suspected of sexual violence for the first, and domestic violence for the second.

The new rules adopted by Spotify and unveiled on Thursday, may 10, stipulate that the platform will remove any content that promotes or incites violence or hatred, but also that the behaviour of the artists will be able to affect the way in which she ” works with them “. Those who commit acts “particularly hurtful or hateful” (Spotify example is that of “violence against children” or ” sexual violence “) does not appear in the playlists of the platform.

“Replace the act by the legal entity “

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