SPINEWAY saves a new order of$ 1 Million in the USA

Spineway, a specialist in implants and ancillary surgery for the treatment of pathologies of the vertebral column (spine), posted a new order with his partner in California for a total of$ 1 Million.

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This command recorded by the u.s. subsidiary of the Group, Spineway USA, Inc., will be delivered in the next few weeks. It relates to the ranges of Mont Blanc, Twin Peaks, Blue Mountain, as well as Ayers Rocks and demonstrates the growing interest of surgeons in the u.s. to the products Spineway.

With$ 3 Million of orders signed in the space of 8 months, Spineway confirms the ramp-up of its US subsidiary, and reaffirms its desire to achieve a significant share of its turnover on the american market.

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Sales 1st half of 2017 July 18, 2017 post-closing.

Spineway designs, manufactures and markets a range of implants and instruments (instruments) surgical innovative intended for the treatment of severe pathologies of the spine.
Spineway has a global network of over 50 independent distributors and carries out 90% of its sales to export.
Spineway, eligible for funds FCPI, has received the label OSEO Excellence since 2011, and is winner of the trophy the Deloitte Fast 50 (2011). Price INPI Rhône Alpes Policy filing of patents (2013) – Labelled Talent INPI (2015).
ISIN : FR0011398874 – ALSPW

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