SPIE deploys a network the Internet within 9 holiday villages NCR in the netherlands

Oss, netherlands, on 13 June 2017 – SPIE, the independent european leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has won a contract with the group, NCR (Recreatiecentra Nederland BV) to convert the coax network to its nine holiday villages in the netherlands in a fibre optic network and Wi-fi. SPIE is currently working on several cable networks that it had provided the initial commissioning. Once this operation is completed, the management and maintenance of the networks will be assigned to the network operating centre (NOC, Network Operation Centre) to Oss.

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If, in the past, the needs of the recreational sector consisted of mainly gas and water, WiFi is now the head of the list. This is one of the decisive criteria of holiday-makers in their choice of destination. NCR has requested to SPIE to deploy the Internet in its nine holiday villages in the netherlands. The complete infrastructure will be partially replaced and/or reinstalled. Within eight villages in NCR located in France, SPIE has also provided the WiFi devices (plug & play), the installation of which has been ensured by the technicians of NCR.

“This is where we come into play,” explains Henri van Zandbeek, responsible for the commercial development of underground infrastructure for the segment of Smart city of SPIE Nederland. “After the installation, we take over the maintenance of the whole of networks (coaxial, fibre optic and Wi-fi). These contracts guarantee a business continuity. “The networks are managed by the NOC-to-Oss. And Henri van Zandbeek stated, ” We are in close liaison with the teams located in France. Most of the time, when a technical fault we are reported, we are able to provide an immediate solution, which shows the effectiveness of monitoring from Oss. ”

The civil engineering works, the origin of strong disturbances, are now completed in the first three villages. With the opening of the season, only the installation work of the equipment users will continue. From late June, the holidaymakers should benefit from a more high-speed Internet and a wider choice of tv channels.

About SPIE Nederland

SPIE Nederland is a subsidiary of the SPIE group, independent european leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications. SPIE Nederland provides technical solutions and advice in the design, construction and maintenance of the networks, industrial facilities and infrastructure in the areas of energy and communications. SPIE Nederland is in the top 3 providers of technical services in the netherlands.

With nearly 600 sites in 38 countries and 38 000 employees, SPIE is realized, in 2016, a consolidated turnover of 5.1 billion euros and an EBITA statement for 352 million euros.
On his segment ” north-western Europe “, 9, 900 people from 90 sites, the SPIE group has completed in 2016 a production of 1.37 billion euros.

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