SNCF : the inter-union fractures on the strike

“You return to a rab of social conflict ? “It is, in substance, as proposed by the SGC to the three other trade unions which are representative of the SNCF, joined in an inter-union Thursday, August 30, for the first time since the great strike cheminote of more than three months against the reform desired by the government. A movement that had failed to prevent that is enacted on 27 June, the law ” for a new pact of the railway “.

“The CGT has proposed a day of action on 18 September, this proposal will be submitted to the consultation of our regional structures in the beginning of next week “, indicated to the AFP Erik Meyer, federal secretary of the SOUTH Rail. For their part, the UNSA and CFDT unions, the so-called reformists, refused the principle of a new strike at this meeting.

“We have not been able to reach agreement for a deed, confirmed Roger Dillenseger, secretary-general of the UNSA-Rail. We give priority to negotiating. “The negotiation in question is the one that will start on Tuesday 18 September, hence the date chosen for this new strike. It will bring together employers from the sector and the union representatives of the branch railway (the four unions already cited more Force ouvrière). It is a question of defining the new terms and conditions of employment for the future workers of the rail – who will not be hired in the status from 2020 – and to specify the criteria for the transfer of personnel in the framework of the opening up of rail transport to competition.

“The CGT is in election campaign ”

The disunity of association confirms the differences of substance which exist between trade unions, the reformists, having admitted that the reform would, want to focus on the substance of the topics in negotiation and organizations to a more radical, who wish to politicize the debate and have not totally abandoned repeal, at least in part, the law.


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