SNCF : the government opens up a pathway close to the trade unions

In the Face of a handful of senators rather benevolent, the minister of transport, Elizabeth Terminal, unveiled on Wednesday 16 may, the game of the government for the next sequence of legislation, namely the passage of the reform project of rail in front of the High Assembly. The text will be debated before the commission of spatial planning and sustainable development of the Senate, the 22 or 23 may, prior to the discussion session scheduled on the 29th.

The case at the highest point of the railway workers, but also users of the train and all the French. After her stint at the Palace of the Luxembourg, the draft law to reform the SNCF and the rail system is expected to have acquired its form which is almost final, so that it can be glimpsed – or not – the end of a strike of the agents SNCF, which enters its tenth episode of two days Friday, may 18.

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The amendments to the act by amendments, will they be able to decide UNSA Rail and CFDT Railwaymen, the organizations with the most reformist, to let go of the intersyndicale ? At first glance, this seems complicated. Ms Terminal has mostly reaffirmed intangible principles, starting with the non-tradeable nature of the three pillars of the reform : opening up to competition, transformation of the SNCF in the company by shares, an end to the recruitment status on the date – which will be enshrined in the law by 1 January 2020.

Ready for some compromises

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