SNCF : railway to Paris at the train stations Montparnasse, to the East and North

Railwaymen of South Rail opposite to the reform of the SNCF have invaded, Monday, may 7, successively, the gare Montparnasse, the gare de l’est and the gare du Nord in Paris.

Around 13: 30, approximately two hundred members of the trade union SUD-Rail broke in the gare Montparnasse railway station, with smoke on, creating a slight movement of panic. Initially taken aback, the CRS are then intervened to push back the protesters on the square in front of the station, located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. In a tense climate, these last have sometimes violently made use of their batons and their shields. Has 14 hours, the two groups were facing each other on the court, and slogans hostile to the police (” the Whole world hates the police ! “, ” Screw you ! “, ” Railroaders in anger, we are not going to let it go ! “) flowed among the protesters.

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