SNCF : a rate of strikers overall to the lowest before a tripartite round table in mid-June

Then that will conclude Saturday, June 9, the morning of the 14th motion to strike at the SNCF, the rate of strikers overall has reached a new low Friday morning, with 13.68 % of strikers identified by management of the company, against 14,28 % on Thursday. The previous lowest for a day of strike action in the week had been reached on 28 may, with 13,97 % of the strikers. The railway company does not communicate the rate of strikers for the days of mobilization fell during a weekend.

On the other hand, the participation in the movement initiated at the beginning of April back in all the personal essential for the movement of trains : conductors (49.2 per cent compared to 43.7 % on Thursday), controllers (42.1 per cent compared to 38.9 %) and switchers (20.2 per cent against 18.6 per cent).

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The unions of the SNCF settle down in a strike chronic that could spill over into the summer

Laurent Berger, secretary general of the CFDT, said Friday not to “wish” that there was a strike at the SNCF at the time of the bachelor’s degree, including the written tests will be held from 18 to 25 June. Two strike movements fall on exam days, from 17 to 18 June, and then from 22 to 23. The idea that high school graduates can’t make it to the tests of the tray “is frankly not an option that is ours,” added Mr. Shepherd.

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