Short-term : doubts on the bonus-malus

One of the campaign promises of Emmanuel Macron is on the verge of being abandoned ? Several union officials in question, then that should open a negotiation to review the compensation rules for job seekers. In order to eliminate the precariousness on the labour market, it was initially envisaged to introduce a bonus-malus, which would have the effect of penalizing companies abusing short-term contracts. However, this measure, opposed by the employers, does not appear explicitly in the document that the prime minister has sent, on 25 September, the social partners in order to frame their discussions on the revision of the rules of the unemployment insurance. The note of five pages talking about the “accountability” of the employers.

A term is rather vague, in the eyes of Michel de Beaugas (Force ouvrière) : “For me, it means that they bury the device. “Denis Gravouil (CGT) defends the same point of view :” The Medef has well succeeded in his lobbying, he said. The advisors to the government close to the organization have got to bury the project, under the pretext of not harming the employers. We’ll see, once at work. “

Loads modulated

A pessimism that is not shared by all. “The issue remains on the table,” says Marylise Leon (CFDT). “The government has taken all precautions to semantic order not to rumple the business by refraining from mentioning the dirty word in the letter of framing,” says Eric Courpotin (CFTC). In other words, the intentions of starting to remain.

Employers ‘ organisations are, in fact, they, still worried. For François Asselin, the president of the Confederation of small and medium-sized companies (CPME), we must remain on guard. According to him, the government has not renounced to this idea.

Several sources trade unions and employers are even talking about a specific scenario : it would be to modulate…

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