Serge Dassault, a patron at the old

December 17, 2014. Has the approach of Christmas, the evening promises to be festive in the factories Dassault in the Gironde. For a few hours, the assembly hall of the aircraft has been transformed into the ceremonial hall. Versailles at Merignac. Under the chandeliers in Baccarat crystal, and on the bottom of chamber music, a dinner prepared by michelin-starred chef Thierry Marx is served to 350 guests in dinner plates in porcelain. The guests came to discover the 8X, last-born of the family Falcon, the top-of-the-range business aircraft. Most are from the clients of the company, arrived with their jet staff.

The evening concludes with a photo session. This is who will want you to capture on the gateway to the door of the appliance with Serge Dassault and, optionally, its children. “It is important for a client to associate the name of a descendant of the founder to his plane,” says a familiar one in these celebrations.

Voting instructions given to his family

The heir of Marcel Dassault taste this time and does not pray. A way for him to recall to his family presents the great complete to the ceremony, that it is always the head. It was the same during the annual general meetings of the company, assembled in the spacious lounges of the hotel du Rond-point des Champs-Elysées.

Installed to the forum, as such officer, in the face of scarce individual shareholders, the patriarch did not hesitate to give or to recall voting instructions to his four children and his wife, sitting at the first row. Especially when it has acted to oppose a proposal for the opening of the capital of the company to the employees, as was the case in 2015. During the reading of the resolution, the air of nothing, Serge Dassault swung slowly his hand from left to right, the index finger pointed upwards, like a metronome, to express rejection. It could much better measure the impact that the vote was by show of hands. Not having a…

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