By the decision of the High Court of Justice in London issued on June 2, 2017 at the request of BAT Industries plc and BTI 2014 LLC (all BAT), the stay of execution which was attached to the decision of the same court dated February 10, 2017 having condemned Sequana to the payment of certain sums in favour of the BAT has been lifted on the grounds that the stay of execution is, in the light of the rules of procedures in English, a exceptional measure, and that its retention was no longer justification, therefore, that Sequana benefited from the same protection by its entry in the backup.

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Taking into account the effects of the opening of a safeguard for the benefit of Sequana February 15, 2017, the payment of the amounts to which Sequana has been convicted of, did not produce any effect, the treatment of any rights of BEATS are in any event subject to the approval of the tribunal de commerce of Nanterre in the framework of the decree of the backup plan.

About Sequana
Sequana (Euronext Paris : SEQ), a major player in the paper sector, holds leading positions in each of its two businesses :
– Antalis : n°1 distribution of papers and packaging products in Europe. Present in 43 countries, Antalis employs approximately 5 600 employees.
– Arjowiggins : world producer of recycled paper and specialty, the company employs approximately 2 800 persons.
With 8 500 employees in the world, Sequana has achieved a turnover of 3 billion euros in 2016

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