SEM, this new movement that wants to boost the philanthropic business

The story does not say if these are the iniquities of the past of the sale of Alstom to General Electric, from which she flew, then, the destiny of France, or the absence of natural empathy from the world of finance, who are confident Clara Gaymard and his colleague Gonzague de Blignières to launch a new movement. After having created four years ago Raising, investment company atypical to “reconcile the finance and philanthropy in the service of young businesses”, the duo recurrence in launching this march 20 – world day of happiness – #SEM, “Movement for an Economy Caring”. Objective : to advocate and bring together all the initiatives and companies seeking to reconcile performance and the social bond, profit, and philanthropy…

Company for the least likely

A “thing” in a collective quest of benevolence in all directions, and very on-trend ? “This idea, we had already four years ago when we founded Raise, defends Gonzaga de Blignières. That’s a long time that it is felt that it is time that the left brain rationality and the economy ceases to dominate the right brain, emotion, and philanthropy. A situation in which the consequences are not good, whether it is the awakening of populism or the lack of sharing”. Clara Gaymard continues : “there is no reason that the companies’ contribution to the common good does not become a determining element of profit, in the same way that the environmental issues there are 10 or 15 years”.

Concretely, the SEM called by its signatories to adhere to three principles. First one to commit to give as systematic and permanent a part of its resources to a philanthropic action. On the model, Raise, whose team reverse systematically 50 % of its capital gains and carried interest (profit sharing) to a foundation dedicated internal to improve the entrepreneurial ecosystem habs. “1.5 to 2 million euros per year for the philanthropy, entrepreneurial, said Clara Gaymard. For others, it may be a fraction of the revenue, profits, or even the “time man” – a perfect commitment to the start-ups that are not yet profits.”

Then, the activists of a new kind will have to promise to confine their efforts of philanthropy in the reason to be of their company, their sector or their ecosystem. Still the best way, believes the tandem of Raise, lent credibility to their action, their image, and win, especially the buy-in and involvement – the third essential requirement – of the troops.

Attract and motivate even the smallest of businesses

The movement prides itself on having already nearly 200 signatories : François Lemarchand of Nature & Découvertes and Xavier Ouvrard of Babilou – two nuggets that Raise a portfolio -Gilles Vermot-Desroches, director of sustainable development, Schneider, Olivier Cotinat (Schoolab), Bertrand Piccard (Solar Impulse), Alexander March… The MEB undertakes to verify the commitments of each and, especially, to make the actions more galvanisantes, in order to “encourage even the smallest of companies to engage”.

Advocate and take action on the ground… rather than to multiply the texts coercive ? On the recent report Notat-Senard around the social object of the company, that some describe as the (small) progress, the duo takes a look… surprisingly benevolent. “The blade depth on the” why “of the business does not need to result in changes to or new laws and the State can’t do everything,” said Gonzague de Blignières. This report mainly has the merit of putting the subject on the table, help to make a difference, and to lead to a true awareness”.

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