Scholarship : Delachaux, a return to the rating under surveillance family

In France, this should be the most important ipo of the semester, and maybe of the year. Seven years after leaving the odds in paris, Delachaux, a venerable industrial group, prepares to return there. The price of the new shares must be fixed Thursday, June 14, and the first exchanges occur as early as the next day. The range of prices chosen, at this stage, values the company between $ 1.3 billion and 1.5 billion euros, including debt.

An amount is taxing for a home unknown to the general public. And for good reason : Delachaux sells products rather invisible. Fastening systems for railway tracks, catenary, metal used in aircraft engines… Its clients are only companies like the SNCF, the RATP, Amazon, DHL, or even the operator of ports from DP World.

“But don’t be fooled : even if its name does not speak only to professionals, Delachaux is a nugget, industrial and technological world, a very beautiful, family-owned company that has managed to retain its independence for more than a hundred years,” ignites Emmanuel Regniez, Citi, one of the bankers who are preparing the ipo.

Always at the helm

The story begins in 1902 in Delachaux, a family of the swiss valleys who has known generations of millers, farmers, and a painter, exhibited at the Louvre, and Léon Delachaux. His son, Clarence, him, is interested in the industry. That year, he met a German who develops a welding process, and creates in Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis), a company to provide equipment for trams and the new metro station.

A big century later, the company is still there, despite the two world wars and several crises it has gone through. After numerous acquisitions, it has 3 000 employees, 40 factories in 35 countries, and is a world leader in most of its businesses.

About Delachaux, they are…

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