Saretec has renewed its partnership with the incubation program for the real estate of the future, Pa…

Stakeholder in the value chain of the construction, the firm’s expertise in prevention and risk management Saretec is particularly interested in issues that were brought by the city of the future and the Internet of things put to the service of the building and of the urban ecosystem.

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This re-engagement of the Group Saretec is motivated by the positive experience of co-development initiated during the program in 2016 with INCH, French start-up of the relationship of housing professionals and the users.

This year, the Group Saretec focuses on the digitization of the built environment, and focuses particularly on the BIM (Building Information Modelling), i.e. the creation of a digital model 3D parametric, which would contain intelligent data and structured providing reliable information throughout the lifetime of a building.

“In the future, BIM will be a key component for risk management “, explains Alain Guède, Director of Information Systems of the Group Saretec. “Saretec has in essence a base of information is very extensive and complete on the pathology of the built environment. We need to surround ourselves with players in the most cutting-edge and innovative to make this knowledge compatible with the technology adoption of BIM “.

Structurally oriented towards innovation, the Group Saretec preparing for the world of tomorrow by working to the creation of new channels of business value and, more specifically, to creating offers shared via the acquisition of complementary expertise.

About the group SARETEC

Arnaud Prudhon and Laurence Rivereau are engaged in the adventure intrapreneurial Group Saretec, in founding the society Aukazou. They propose a new approach and a specific guidance in the management of its disaster water damage.
Firm expertise in the prevention and management of risks, the Group SARETEC occurs from the upstream to the downstream in providing services of audit, consultancy, expertise, assistance and repair.
The Group SARETEC intervenes in all sectors of activities by offering its customers a full range of services, from industrial management to the service ” on measure “. Three elements distinguish : a capital and a unique technical basis, a capacity for permanent innovation and an entrepreneurial model that is unique.
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