Samsung heavily sanctioned in the United States

Four days of discussions were needed to reach a verdict. Thursday, may 24, at the court of San Jose (California), a jury has inflicted a stinging backhand court with Samsung, ordering it to pay 539 million (460 million euros) in damages to Apple for patent infringement. Relying on a favorable decision of the supreme Court of the United States, the south Korean group felt the need to pay twenty times less to his great rival. He said, now consider ” all options “, including a call.

This trial, the third in this case, was the latest episode in a never-ending marathon court, he launched more than seven years. He had only to determine the amount of repairs. And not to investigate the guilt of Samsung, already sentenced in August 2012 to have infringed several patents held by Apple in the design of a twenty smartphones and tablets. These patents were related to particular elements of design, such as the rectangular case with rounded corners and grid of applications, the characteristic features of the first models of iPhone.

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During the first trial, Samsung was ordered to pay $ 1.05 billion. After a series of appeals and phone calls, this amount was reduced to 930 million, and then to 548 million. The company had then referred the matter to the supreme Court, challenging the calculation method used by the american justice. The latter was based on the interpretation of a law passed in 1887, which gives the complainant the entire profits from a product that infringes a patent on the design.

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