Ryanair is facing the mounting anger of drivers

In the land of Ryanair, the strikes do not exist. When 700 000 passengers see suddenly their flights cancelled, the fault lies with the authorities who imposed a change of rules, or even to strikes in France. 20 000 flights cancelled objective to submit to own the schedule to avoid any delays from the march, 2018. A form of spring cleaning.

In the land of Ryanair, the strikes do not exist because there are no trade unions. The 4 200 drivers are for the most part independent under the local contract, without any possibility of coordination. They must pay for their own training, the hotels stopover and meals on the aircraft. In the land of Ryanair, so there are the fewest possible employees, these empêcheurs around in circles, so quick to take advantage of their numbers to claim wages and benefits.

Because the country of Ryanair, it’s the ticket cheap, price crashed and minimum service. The traveller who carries a piece of luggage, has lost his ticket, or wants to drink an apple juice on the plane must pay. It is the economic model imposed by Michael O’leary, the founder of the irish company. In twenty-five years ago, it became the first european airline in number of passengers. The eruption Dubliner, which calls € 2.50 for an autographed photo, has imposed his law : that the minimum price for the minimum service.

The invention of the wage-earning

But the law of the market has turned against him. Not the market of passengers, but the drivers. This profession, essential for the functioning of a company, is the nightmare of the patrons of the air. Well paid, sometimes rare and always mobile, they have most of the time managed to capture a good part of the value created by businesses. Until Michael O’leary invented, well before Uber and the stars of the Internet, the ubérisation employees. Working with self-employed scattered all over Europe, and paid to the task, allows a maximum of flexibility,…

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