Rumors of redemption : Fiat denies any contact, the Great Wall confirms his interest…

This is a press release very short as the group of Italian-american has felt obliged to publish in the face of market pressure. “In response to rumors in market regarding a potential interest of Great Wall Motors on the Jeep, FCA confirms that it has not been approached by Great Wall Motors (…)”, writes the group.

Last week, the markets are fluttering on the funds of rumors news around the takeover of Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles by a chinese group. The title took almost 10% in the stock market. On Monday, the overheated stock market was accentuated when Automotive News, a site specialized american, has announced that Great Wall Motors may be the purchaser of the only brand Jeep.

Great Wall Motors is said to be interested

The confirmation by Great Wall Motors, which owns the brand Haval, the first seller of SUVS in China, his interest in Jeep has probably pushed FCA to react.

“We are certainly interested to carry out an acquisition,” related to FCA, even if, for now, “this remains an intention,” no formal offer having been made, indicated to the AFP a spokesman of Great Wall Motor.

For all that, “we will act in a serious way (to realize) the intention of redemption”, she pointed out, without wanting to specify whether a future offer would cover all or part of the group FCA.

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