Roaming in Europe : Orange and Sosh go beyond the european regulation

All clients of Orange and Sosh can now use their plan and their options in Europe and overseas such as in France(1). The general public customers have benefited automatically from this measure since 18 may ; the professional clients, since the 1st of June. Orange and Sosh go beyond the european regulations applicable to the 15 June.

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Package blocked or not, for customers Sosh or Orange, all offers are concerned, as soon as Mini 1,99€.
From Europe, customers can call, send SMS and MMS to Europe or France without any additional cost.

The entire envelope of the mobile internet is usable in Europe as in France, 4G (2).
For customers who have a offer mobile internet ” speed reduced beyond “, there is no over-charging once they have consumed their envelope internet. The uses are still possible with a reduced flow.

Options mobile Orange as the option internet 1 Gb are also available from Europe and overseas(3).

The european regulation is mandatory only for the countries of the EU. However, for packages public Orange and Sosh, the end of the surtarification is also valid in Switzerland, 4th destination of the French, and Andorra.

As for the business customers, they may subscribe to the new offers Pro Performance since 7 April. These offers allow you to call unlimited from and towards the whole of the EU, Switzerland and Andorra. Mobile internet is available in this same area.
Clients whose activity goes beyond the borders of Europe are not left out. A zone Business from 15 countries is included in the formulas of top of the range.

Questions/answers offers general public

(1) in the limit of a use not abuse

(2) 4G networks and compatible mobile. The 4G will be available in Malta, Cyprus and The Meeting during the summer of 2017.

(3) are Not usable for Europe and overseas :
The TV options (ex : option TV package Basic).
The international options that allow you to call countries outside of Europe (ex : Option 1 hour around-the-World).

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