Rise of the New York stock exchange

Plus, in the New York stock exchange benchmark index of Wednesday night.

Central european time 19.30 clock around the 30 leading american industrial companies DJIA index 0,02 percent, the biggest publicly listed company limited by shares Standard & Poor’s 500 index 0,12 percent plus in the technology shares, Nasdaq Composite index and 0,73 percent indicated an increase.

The DJIA and the Standard & Poor’s 500 index did not show a greater displacement, however, the Nasdaq technology shares positive performance by major plus.

Investors the u.s. central bank in the role of Cover of 14 June rate decision the minutes of the meeting of the town, which is central european time on Wednesday evening 20 o’clock, is published.

The Fed at the June meeting for the second time this year raised the basic interest rate, which is not a surprise, since the steps are already almost fully priced in the markets. The Fed also indicated that its balance sheet to 4.5 trillion dollars of bonds surplus of gradual reduce. From the record most of this procedure and schedule for want to know more about the capital market operators.

The price of oil in a percentage in excess is associated with a decrease finish on Wednesday more than five years, the longest in a row lasting price increases. In June, the Thomson Reuters Oil Research in the OPEC production, the growth showed a second consecutive month in 2018 from march extended production-limiting agreement.

Central european time tonight, around seven thirty, the New York commodities market in the western hemisphere benchmark West Texas Intermediate (WTI) was an american easy oil of a barrel (159 litres) price of 1 dollar, 87 cents is associated with a decrease 45,20 dollars, the Brent oil barrel price is 1 dollar 72 cents minus the 47,89$.

The gold per ounce price of 0,16 percent (1,97$) 1221,17 dollar rose in New York.

The international interbank foreign exchange market, the euro 1,1340 $ breakfast 1,1354 the dollar.

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