Riot unveils the Open Tower, the new championship of France of the game ” League of Legends “

Seven stages of the competitions in each of the biggest events e-sports French, a open format and two quota places each half-season for a european tournament type League champions… What are the main lines of the Open Tower, the new format of the championship of France announced on Monday 15 January by Riot Games, the publisher of the competitive game League of Legends. He succeeds in the Challenge France, whose last edition was held in December, and had seen the Millenium team to win the title for the fourth time in a row.

This is the first local competition organized by the structure of Riot Games France, created in the spring of 2017. “There were several options on the table, it has been evaluated the most and the least for the game or the community, to explain to the World Damien Ricci, head of e-sports at Riot Games. A league closed would not have been quite “challenging”, there are not enough players, and the community asked us for something more open. It also allows us to do something more local, more rooted, in the manner of a tour de France. ”

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