Responsible investment is progressing in France

At the beginning of April, Banque postale Asset Management announced that it was committed to ” becoming the first director general 100 % SRI [socially responsible investment] by 2020 “. This ambitious project is not an isolated act as we are witnessing a movement toward management officials that cover SRI, solidarity finance, the” impact investing “, finance, ” green “. And, more widely, to the integration of extra-financial or ESG criteria (environmental, social and governance), the three pillars of the SRI management, in the analysis of companies, States, local communities, alongside financial aspects.

“They were at the start of the leading indicators of risk. Today, these criteria are also responses to the deep transformations of our economies that are the demographic transitions, environmental and digital. They are also opportunities. It is not a question of analyzing the E forgetting the S and the G. The GSS is a new method for estimating the analysis ” confirms Marie-Pierre Peillon, director of research, Groupama Asset Management.
14% increase in market SIR

The numbers of the ISR are there to testify of this rise in power. The dedicated research center Novethic noted an increase of 14 % of the market for SRI in France in 2017, with around 135 billion euros spread over 404 funds. However, the amounts are more significant when one takes into account this integration of ESG in the management. According to the data delivered by Novethic and the Forum for responsible investment (FIR), it filled already close to € 750 billion of work in progress in 2015, nearly 25 % of the assets of the management French.

The relevance of ESG analysis has added an emergency, that of the fight against global warming, that has called her with the force of the climate conference in Paris,…

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