Renewable Energies : Engie is focusing its efforts on the” hydrogen green “

All for renewables and the hydrogen ? Isabelle Kocher, the director-general of Engie, don’t miss an opportunity to assert that it wishes to turn its back on fossil fuels, even if the bulk of the income of the group is still natural gas.

The direction of Engie believes hard as iron to the” hydrogen green ” gas produced by the electrolysis of water using solar energy and wind power. “Our support to Energy Observe [a catamaran laboratory of renewable energy, and that tests including the hydrogen for storage, party on the 28th of march for a tour in the Mediterranean], note Thierry Lepercq, deputy director-general, the patron of the innovation Engie. We have everything available for us today to launch at prices that are competitive : fields of solar panels, gas terminals, which receive as much gas as hydrogen, and storage capacities. Tomorrow, we will offer to the hydrogen green on all continents at competitive prices. ”

Transport and industries

According to a study by the firm McKinsey, the demand for and the production of hydrogen should increase in the next thirty-five years, from 9 exajoules (or the equivalent of 1.5 billion barrels of oil) to 78 exajoules (13.2 billion barrels of oil) by the year 2050.

“Today, we are still in the process of identifying and inventorying all the possible applications,” says Michèle Azalbert, the director of the new branch “hydrogen green” at Engie, who identifies two promising sectors : transport and industry.

According to the Hydrogen Council, the lobby to support this energy, 10 to 15 million cars and 500,000 trucks in the world could be powered by hydrogen by 2030. A significant step forward, but a drop of water in a global fleet of close to 1.3 billion vehicles by 2015, according to the international Organization of automobile manufacturers.


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