Renault embeds the media in its autonomous cars

The members come only to give their green light to test autonomous cars in France, Tuesday, October 2, and several legal and technical barriers stand still the road of such vehicles. But already, a question which occupies the minds of manufacturers : once you have his attention freed from driving, how the car driver of tomorrow will-t-il during his journeys ?

Part of the answer could be provided by the media sector. It is, in any case, the bet made by the Renault group, which takes advantage of the World of the Self, from 4 to 12 October in Paris, to unveil its prototype of ‘content” embedded “.

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Thanks to this technology, the passenger could interact by voice with an artificial intelligence, which would offer personalised information. And this, in various formats, such as articles projected on the windshield or vehicle windows, or podcasts depicting the history of the monument, localized on the trip.

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