Renault and PSA score points in South America

Sometimes there are gaps that are blessings. When president Trump is considering imposing new customs duties on imports of vehicles in the United States, the French manufacturers can rejoice – this opportunity – to be absent north of the Rio Grande and have wagered on the other America, that of the South, where the people speak Spanish or Portuguese.

Because, after several lean years in this region of the world, auto sales are returning to the arrow. The only markets in argentina and brazil (nearly 60 % of the region’s sales) grew by 32 % in April and 11% over the first four months of the year (compared to the same period of 2017). If all the automobile industry has taken advantage of this resurgence, the French, even if they are underdogs in a market dominated by General Motors, Volkswagen and the japanese Nissan and Toyota, they pull nicely their own in the game.

The sales of PSA have increased from 12 % in Latin America (which includes Mexico) on the first four months of the year. And those of Renault 25 % in the same period of time, with a volume six times more important ! Renault is the sixth leading brand in the region, with 388 000 registered cars in the beginning of the year 2018 (7.5% of market share), and a solid establishment (four factories and a design center).

Fond of pick-up

Illustration may, with the launch of a Renault Kangoo, specially designed for Latin America. The renault brand is putting a lot of hope in this vehicle manufactured at its plant in Cordoba, Argentina, where 800 million dollars (680 million euros) have been invested since 2016, 100 million for the Kangoo restyled, $ 100 million to modernize the production of Logan and Sandero and local 600 million to produce a new pick-up, the Alaskan.

Motorists south americans are particularly fond of vehicles, semi-trucks. And the offer of…

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