Reforming rail: agreement found between the deputies and the senators

Deputies and senators are managed on Monday to agree in the mixed joint commission (CMP) on a common version of the draft law to reform the railway, paving the way for its final adoption this week, we learned from several participants. The text of the joint commission members-senators, approved by 12 votes out of 14 after more than an hour of trade, should be adopted definitively by the national Assembly on Wednesday and the Senate Thursday.

In the framework of the opening up to competition, “we have extended to all employees of the group rail transfer conditions”, beyond the railway workers of the SNCF Network, said Laurianne Rossi, member of parliament, LREM, welcoming”a signal” to the union address. “A point specifies the independence of the SNCF Network,” there is another door on the “powers of the Arafer” (regulatory authority) increased, has completed the reporter to the Palais Bourbon, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari. “We have to converge our two rooms to a balanced text”, said the elected LREM. “This text marks the culmination of more than three months of consultations with the actors of the rail sector and co-building with parliamentarians”, welcomed the department of Transport.

The strike continues at the SNCF

“It reflects the main principles of the reform posed from the outset by the Prime minister: opening up to competition, new organisation of the SNCF, the judgment of the recruitment of the statute”, he noted, in a brief statement. “With this agreement in CMP, opening the way for a final adoption of the draft law in the coming days, the reform has now reached its end,” said the minister Elizabeth Terminal.

The rapporteur in the Senate, Alain Cornu (LR), has launched “an appeal to the trade unions”: “the law will be passed, now it is the formalism, it is of no use to continue the strike if it is not to annoy France and the French”, he declared in front of the press. The unions of the SNCF want until the end to put pressure on the government and the strike action must continue until the 28th of June, at the rate of two out of five days.

“The agents of the SNCF are not abused, and this is in the text is able to raise their concerns. All the elements seem in place for the strikers to raise their movement”, has held Hervé Maurey, president (Union centre) of the commission for the development of the territory in the Senate. “Everyone was able to get out of postures for a result to be expected by both the railway workers and users,” according to his counterpart in the Assembly, Barbara Pompili (LREM). “We have done everything that was necessary to ensure the future of the SNCF and to allow this strike to end”, has confirmed on twitter his colleague, “walker” Damien Adam.

But on twitter, the deputy Untamed Eric Coquerel, who was attending the meeting as a substitute, spoke of a “covenant LR-LREM on the back of the public service railway”. “Nothing has changed to an act, which breaks up the public service: status, competition, #sncf transformed into HIS” (public limited company), he also criticized.

(With AFP)

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