Reform of the SNCF : the CFDT, called on the government to get out of her ” posture “

Forum. While the mobilities explode and transform, the rail is an essential element of the development of a territory in respect of the environment. The CFDT, the hammers, it is imperative to draw a real ecological transition, giving itself the means to achieve the reduction commitments of 40 % of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. For this, the rail is a great tool.

Railway reform has been launched by the government following a report of Spinetta, but it has not been discussed in the context of the Foundation of the mobility. It was a first error. She has been at the centre of public debate with shots of cartoons and figures brandis without explanation. It was a second serious error. But, as if these first two were not enough, the government is guilty of a third.

Public funding sustainable

The consultations are held. The CFDT made proposals, but the government has still not outlined an ecosystem-political, economic, and social to reassure the citizens, elected officials, and the social body a railroader. On the contrary, he distills important announcements (a subsidiary of the freight, the end of the statute in 2020) even without a prior information of its trade union counterparts. What a strange design consultation !

It must therefore finish with the postures, such as that consisting of exchanging the current status of the workers compared to a recovery of the debt. This last is not one of the workers, but that of the State and its public policies for the past thirty years.

For the CFDT, this reform should give rise to a wide-ranging public debate and to be supported by a deep and sincere trading

It is also necessary to assume that it can’t be a rail system effective without public funding over the long term. The abandonment of the ecotax and the absence of a clear decision on the full return of the debt and its terms raise serious concerns.


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