Referendum Air France : a part of poker-loser-loser

Editorial of the ” World “. Jean-Marc Janaillac has attempted a poker game and lost it. To the surprise of the management of the airline, the employees of Air France have rejected most of the time, Friday 4 may, the project that included a wage increase of 7 % over four years. The vote was without appeal : 80,33 % of the 46 771 employees participated, and 55,44 % of them have responded not to the CEO of Air France-KLM. As he had put on his post game, which was like a blackmail dramatizing the issue, Mr. Janaillac, 65 years old, who stayed just two years at the controls of the cockpit, has bowed : “I take responsibility for the consequences of this vote, he immediately said, and I will in the next few days my resignation to the boards of directors of Air France and Air France-KLM “. He spoke of a ” huge mess “.

This “artifice of consultation” that denounced Philippe Evain, the president of the national Union of airline pilots (SNPL), was transformed according to the formula cruel Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the leader of France insubordinate, ” referendum revocation “. In 1994, Christian White, then CEO of the company, had tried the same bet. He had organised a referendum to be validated by the employees on a recovery plan for the elimination of 5,000 positions, threatening to resign in case of rejection. But he had gained a massive support, with 81,3 % yes and a turnout of 83.6 per cent. This time, the result has been the opposite, revealing a malaise that goes far beyond the wage issue.


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