Recycling : the competitor in the Eco-Packaging is to be removed

The opening to competition of the waste management of household packaging waste will have made long fire. The company Léko, approved for the period 2018-2022 by the State, with Eco-packaging and a subsidiary 85% of the latter, Adelphe, announced Friday, October 20, waived, having not found the necessary funding.

“Despite the alert launched this summer (…) no new funding source sufficient for could not be found, either in shareholding or with new partners. Accordingly, the board of directors was able to recognize the inability of Léko to deploy its projects and services,” said the company in a press release.

650 supports

Created in October 2016, Léko was intended to be, from 2018, the first competitor of the eco-body Eco-emballages, which even today, organizes the waste management of household packaging waste in France. The company is owned by the seven founding shareholders: Valorie, a subsidiary of the recycler of the German Reclay, France Packaging, two directors on the market of packaging (Cérélia and The Toque angevine), as well as three professional organisations (the Association of enterprises of food prepared, Adepale; the French association of manufacturers of single-use products for the hygiene, healthcare and wiping Group Hygiene; the Federation of international companies from the mechanical and the electronic, Ficime).

At the time of his birth, Léko claimed to be supported by 650 companies, representing 135 million in eco-contributions, i.e. 20% of the market. Donated each year by the directors on the market of packaging to the eco-organism to which they are affiliated, it is precisely this eco-contribution is used to fund the mission in the general interest of the treatment of the waste in question. Léko claimed to be able to provide “an effective found” for the sector of the recycling of household packaging in plastic which, seen in 2016 the volumes collected to grow by 3%, but a decrease of 3% of the turnover.

A long time

But in early August, Léko had been reported in the first difficulties, and declared a search for “matter of urgency” the funding required for its launch -without specifying the amounts required. Its president, Steve Lawson, had explained to the AFP:

“We began by approaching a number of companies and in particular traders to be able to have advances on the eco-contributions. It turns out that it takes a little more time than what we wanted.”

The presiding spoke in particular of the decision-making time long to confirm the change of eco-organization, but also the difficulty to present a schedule completely finalized the eco-contributions given the “constraints” of the tender specifications imposed by the State.

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