Real estate : the start-up Habx encourages sponsors to provide housing on-able

Choose a living-dining room or a loft, a kitchenette american or a restaurant kitchen, three small children’s rooms or a dormitory collective, the bathroom of Cleopatra or a shower in the toilet… The company Habx wants to wake up in the real estate promotion, asleep on standardized products, by the adrenaline of the economy to the demand.

This start-up has developed a digital platform and a business model that can attract future buyers of a new home by helping them to find the best location for their investment and allowing them to self-define its features, and its interior layout.

Sign of its success, the company has forty employees, is associated to the majors in real estate and Eiffage, Vinci, Bouygues…) in four winning projects of” Inventing the metropolis of the Great Paris “, whose winners were announced on Wednesday 18 October. A boost for the start-up, market entry in early 2016 by winning one of the projects of the contest ” Reinventing Paris “.

An algorithm to determine the ideal place

“We want to become the first place of market of the production of housing “, will assume the president and founder, Benjamin Delaux. Today, the start-up has twelve real estate operations active in the Ile-de-France and in the cities of Bordeaux and Toulouse. And 6 000 units are under development on its platform.

On the site of Habx, households report their places of work, of life, their priorities for transport, green spaces, leisure, education, the required surface and their budget. An algorithm then determines the best possible locations and the company is looking of real estate programs available. “For the moment, we have around a hundred projects with over 70 operators, but the more we are going to go up in power, more…

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