Real estate : Méka Brunel, the leader who has pushed the benefits of Gecina

Solid “, “beyond expectations” : thus, Méka Brunel, executive director of Gecina, has presented the results of the land, published Thursday 22 February. The year 2017 has been marked by the acquisition, for 3.3 billion euros, on the 21st of June, Eurosic, another land. This beautiful jack raises Gecina in fourth place in the land of the european, with 19.6 billion euros of heritage, a lot of offices and some housing.

The income, at € 1.9 billion, jumped by 133 % ! Everything is combined to make shine these results. First, the strong recovery of the office rental, which is pushing up rents, the valuation of the buildings, which appreciated by 7.7 % for the offices and 26.8 % for the residential (Gecina holds a further 6 800 housing units and 5 000 rooms of students), and, finally, the decline in interest rates, which alleviates the financial costs (– 6.5 %) and boosts the performance of the heritage.

These good results, Gecina owes a lot to Méka Brunel, who is director-general as from January 2017. At his arrival, she plays with the executive committee, that it has rejuvenated and feminized : “I need to be surrounded by trustworthy people that share my project “, argues she. It also has tight costs, removing the frames five days of RTT. Méka Brunel was already home, she remained there for ten years, from 1996 to 2006, in the branch of promotion and construction, when Gecina was still called Simco. His flair induces it to leave shortly after the outbreak of the shareholders of the spaniards, the group Metrovacesa. A black period for Gecina, literally pillaged, from 2005 to 2009, these shareholders insensitive.

“She dares ”

Bosseuse and ambitious, ” demanding of its employees as well as with itself “, judge Franck Marking, secretary of the committee of company personnel for Gecina, Méka Brunel has then rebounded quickly in other land,…

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