Raw materials : the French veal has a taste Dutch

Raw materials. The calf of Pentecost has never existed. It doesn’t matter. The promoters of this white meat have launched the initiative business twenty years ago. Or how about this dish, which the French prove to be the most fond in the world. At the same time of the year where its consumption decreases. Because who said blanquette think temperature cold. Or osso-bucco, dish and serve very hot.

It doesn’t matter. Given the opportunity to explore the market of the calf. And then, surprise. This sector is not very organised is dominated by two players… the Dutch. Of course, you will say, the calves are born, bred and slaughtered in France. What claim the label cocardière. But the producers work, in integration, depending on the language, spent, under contract with companies.

The disengagement of the French groups

The two main, competing for the end of the fatted calf, each with nearly 20 % of the market, are Denkavit and Van Drie. The duo Dutch took advantage of the withdrawal of the French groups, Lactalis and Savencia (ex-Bongrain), both eager to focus on the milk.

Nothing surprising to see “flying dutchman” for the assault on the French market of the calf. They are the largest producers of this commodity in the world. Van Drie weighs 2 billion euros of turnover. However, lovers of gouda not taken little meat. “The Dutch consume on average 100 g of veal per year, compared to more than 3 kg for a French,” says Alexander Merle, president of the section calves of the interprofessional association Interbev.

Result : 92 % of the meat from calves reared in the netherlands is exported, for an amount of € 2 billion. First to Italy, a fief of the vitello tonnato, the second consumer country, then Germany and Israel. Finally, to France, mainly to the catering trade. The recent opening of the doors of the chinese market is…

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