Raw materials : the course of the salmon against the current

We had left sailing the high waters. Or even exceeding the rating of the alert. A year ago, the price of salmon reached almost 80 crowns (8,1 euro) per kilo in the futures market Fish Pool in Bergen (Norway). A-level history. What to defray the cost of chronic and fears of a shortage of fatty fish on the holiday table.

There is nothing like this year. Friday 8 December, the kilo of salmon were all wet 45.3 crowns. Abrupt return to earth and the fish of the fiords. Swept away by a wave of bullish unstoppable since the beginning of 2016, the price of the salmon has started to decrease during the summer of 2017. A movement related to the heat of summer are conducive to the rapid growth of the herd. But the surprise came in the fall. Not only is it not tucked up but he literally dove right in.

“Usually, at this season, it is cooler. However, this year, the temperature is above two degrees to that of 2016. This encourages the fish to feed. In addition, the pressure of sea lice [parasites] is lower. Result, the weight of the fish at slaughter is higher than 10%, ” Soren Martens, director of the market of Fish Pool. Most of the salmon bold in the balance, buyers chipotent… and the price starts to slide.

Not sure, ironically, that the French companies of the salmon, smoked, Labeyrie to the head, are met. “It is a double-edged sword for the industry. The equation is complicated. They wish to restart the machine next to consumers, but without sacrificing their margins in the red, ” says Pierre Commère, executive director of the fish industry within the Association of enterprises of food prepared (Adepale).

Ambition Norwegian

A year ago, the industry came out the fog horn. With the outbreak of course, they are seeing their margins go up in smoke. Some have even stopped producing to do…

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