Race to “perch” under-voltage for LCP

Tensions, pressures and intrigues… the process of the appointment of the next president of LCP – the parliamentary chain of which the national Assembly is the sole shareholder, could give rise to a televised adaptation in the manner of ” black Baron “, the political series French Channel canal+.

Three candidates, including the current president, Marie-Eve Falklands, are in the running after they have been selected after auditions in front of a committee of mps on Monday 12 February. In the Face of the outgoing, two other journalists have been selected by the selection committee : Thierry Warrior, tv presenter, and Bertrand prescribed Period, director, and author of a documentary on the making of the election of Emmanuel Macron. This second candidate was pointed out by a series of blog posts louangeurs on the action of the president of the Republic published on the website HuffPost.

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